What is the difference between a French bed and a queen-size bed?
The French bed is a little bit smaller than the queen-size bed (the width difference is approximately 8 inches). This kind of bed is perfect if you sleep alone or if you want to rest closer to your partner. Visit the Room page to see the pictures.

Is smoking permitted in your Bed & Breakfast?
All of our rooms have a balcony, where smoking is permitted. On the balcony you’ll be able to enjoy your cigarette outdoors, with no fear of annoying the other guests and keeping your room’s air fresh.

Is housekeeping included in the price?
Of course! At your arrival you will find a perfectly clean room, provided with freshly laundered sheets and towels.

What other facilities are included in the price?
Many facilities are included in the price, each one conceived to satisfy our guests as best as possible: for more information, please visit the Facilities page.

Do you offer facilitations for children?
Yes, we do: children aged up to 7 don’t pay, and for babies we have small beds and handy highchairs.

How can I book a room?
To book, you can contact us directly by e-mail or by phone or on Facebook, or you can use Booking.com, which allows you to check room vacancies and complete your reservation with a few clicks. Connect right away to the Book Now Page.

How do I pay?
You can either pay cash when you check-in, or you can use PayPal or wire us the amount beforeyour arrival. If you choose PayPal or wire transfer, contact us to ask about payment details.

What time am I able to check-in? What time should I check-out by?
You can check-in any time between 2pm and 9pm. You should check-out any time before 11am.

Is there a curfew in your Bed & Breakfast?
No curfew: during your stay you will receive the front door key and the room key to come and go as you please. To respect the other guests and the residents, we kindly ask you not to be too loud after 10.30pm.